Fassbinder’s year in review

Well, its a quiet end to the year – as previously mentioned.  The Melbourne Blood Bowl Season is done, my Poxton Stranglers finished a creditable 3-3-1 (W-L-T) after facing a pretty difficult schedule.  The side has developed well after taking some early hits, and I look forward to stinking it up further in the new year.

As far as painting goes, I want the team ready by July for Eucbowl.  2014’s Chaos Dwarves unfortunately didn’t sit well my peers and I didn’t place in the painting, after taking out the title in 2013.  Not fielding a big guy may have been a mistake, in hindsight. This won’t be an issue in 2015!  The minis were also perhaps a little petite.  When submitted to peer judging, paint jobs and minis need to be more Kate Upton and less Kate Moss – if you take my meaning.

So to all my (7,lol) readers (or the people who just search for pics of Dorjak Sureclaw and Galmen Goreblade), have a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/Whatever. I plan on lying in, drinking coffee, overeating, playing with my daughter, playing a Blood Bowl 7’s tourney, doing cryptic crosswords, having a six player game of Twilight Imperium with my friends and generally not a lot of anything else for the next couple of weeks.  It’s going to be great, I can’t wait!

See you in 2015.


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