Odd little jobs

With the advent of BB2016 my beloved Chaos Pact have been blessed with a new addition to the roster.  He’s a racist (Animosity in Blood Bowl parlance) Orc Lineman.  The jury is out on how much utility he adds to the roster but he certainly has a role in my squad.punchingbag

He’s cheap and AV9, go straight to the line of scrimmage!  He saves me from having to put an AV8 marauder or the Minotaur in harms way from the get-go.

One of my favourite aspects of the Pact roster is seeing how the different renegades fill roles that are markedly different from their respective native sides.  Skaven lineman are notorious for being little more than fodder, yet my plucky chap is a handy defensive sweeper with an eye for the end zone.  Everyone knows Dark Elf linemen are good, on the Pact roster they’re stars, and Goblins – well they’re Goblins.

So we’ll see with the Orc.  He’s not likely to see too much of the ball, but if he can find his feet (literally?) that AV9 might give him the time to develop into a nice player.



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