A team photo, in three parts

I’ve unearthed my Foldio a portable light box, something that I kickstarted some years back before it was subsumed a tide of baby paraphernalia.  Amazingly the magnets that hold it in shape hadn’t lost power so it didn’t immediately collapse as I removed it from its dusty sleeve.

Smartphones have become better, but my photography hasn’t, although this grey backing sheet does tend to give a good result.  Since I’ve been augmenting my Chaos Pact team lately I had barely any excuses to try for a team photo, albeit in thirds.



Odd little jobs

With the advent of BB2016 my beloved Chaos Pact have been blessed with a new addition to the roster.  He’s a racist (Animosity in Blood Bowl parlance) Orc Lineman.  The jury is out on how much utility he adds to the roster but he certainly has a role in my squad.punchingbag

He’s cheap and AV9, go straight to the line of scrimmage!  He saves me from having to put an AV8 marauder or the Minotaur in harms way from the get-go.

One of my favourite aspects of the Pact roster is seeing how the different renegades fill roles that are markedly different from their respective native sides.  Skaven lineman are notorious for being little more than fodder, yet my plucky chap is a handy defensive sweeper with an eye for the end zone.  Everyone knows Dark Elf linemen are good, on the Pact roster they’re stars, and Goblins – well they’re Goblins.

So we’ll see with the Orc.  He’s not likely to see too much of the ball, but if he can find his feet (literally?) that AV9 might give him the time to develop into a nice player.


I’ve seen the future, and it’s pink

Nothing awakens the desire to paint better than the purchase of manky old lead, this time in the form of some Pink Horrors.  Said desire of course must be harnessed quickly before it fades – and these blighters end up on the pile.

I’ve long harboured a desire to use Kev Adam’s and Trish Morrison’s Horrors on the Blood Bowl pitch.  Some Quebecois chap put together a Slann team out of them (along with a Lord of Change) some years back, and with this being the internet I thought I’d slavishly copy him.

I have also home-brewed a roster, (which I’ll share in time) for a Daemons of Tzeentch team that I plan to run in a fun, unscheduled league against other people’s creations in a few months.  I feel like the roster is a bit similar to Underworld on the power curve, slightly more resilient than the Skaven/Rat combo but not nearly as bashy.

I actually have a huge swag of old Horrors in a box somewhere, these pinks are the cherry on the top.  Now, to the bath with you!

PinkHorrorsRawFront PinkHorrorsRawBack

Four Arms, Four Armpits, bad BO

Oof, another month without a post.  I had a false start with my previous four-armed Pestigor, as much as I like the mini, he’s just too darn big.  He towers over my late 80’s Realm of Chaos warriors and my opponents were confusing him for the ST4 Pestigor on the side.  So… in comes the old 2nd edition star player, Slarga Foulstrike.  No horns on him but the scale is good and he’s a decent enough mini.  Here he is, work in progress.  I’ve tried to make him look as sickly as possible without resorting to sores.  Jaundiced skin and putrid greenish fur.

FourArmsWIPFront FourArmsWIPBack

…and dance

Well I finished the pudgy blighter and I’m pretty happy with the result.  The photos don’t capture the vibrant pink& purple combo unfortunately, but them’s the breaks.  Second man down, extra-armed Pestigor is up next!

BenFinishedFront BenFinishedBack

And here’s a shot of how he looked before:


My Cousin Ben

Also today, some WIP shots of the first Nurgle Warrior.  No doubt many of the swelling ranks of fans I have following this blog (ha!)  will notice that the purple bears a striking resemblance to the Chaos Troll I painted for my triumphant Eucbowl winning team of 2013. And they’d be right, I’ve been copying it.  The base is Xereus Purple, I lighten it with VGC Squid pink and the secret ingredient is VMC Fluorescent Magenta.  The Magenta has a slight glossy sheen, which will disappear when I’ve varnished him, but it is nice and lurid.  If I’m painting maggots, they should be vibrant maggots.

MyCousinBenIPFront MyCousinBenIPBack