Condemned Eleven slides on slick Oilers


The premier outing of the now painted Hamedan Oilers was champagne Blood Bowl for coach Fassbinder. My opponent Karnov the ever gracious and sporting, who’s torso graces the background of the photo showed little exasperation as the sky blues knocked down his entire Condemned Eleven.  My boys showed crisp technique (I rolled well) and set up the ‘police cordon’ around the hobgoblin Ramen (noodle) who is safely ensconced and about to score.  The Condemned thrower, Joe Warsoar lies sacked and under un-armed guard by Reza and Roozbeh. Karnov was unlucky in his response as Lee Roosterman slipped inexplicably on the goal line late in the first. The Oilers dominant, 2-0 the final.


Bull Centaurs, again

So, I made a bull centaur out of Zoat and Chaos Warrior parts a while back that I’m pretty happy with – except that he’s too large.  Nothing compared to the Meiko team that will likely be a 3d jigsaw to just to fit them onto line of scrimmage, but still too large for the compact 2nd ed Chaos Dwarves that I’m running.  He will make an excellent Hthark the Unstoppable star player though, so not discarded completely.

The gold standard for this set of minis has long been carried by a Danish guy named Horekim, who has a neat blog called Lead Under the Bed. He’s kindly posted the recipe he used to create these excellent Bull Boar Centaurs out of old WHFB boars.  Never one to re-invent a perfectly good wheel I plan on doing much the same, although I might try some extra green stuff armour plating – something I may be able to tear off quickly if it looks rubbish.


Chaos Dwarf Six

This is the rare Chaos Dwarf Six from the Perry’s 1988 range.  I picked him up from the guy who runs the Sons of Twilight blog in the US. I’m presuming he’s rare due to him being cast less that the other five dwarves (should have been seven), there’s probably a story from some GW ex-staffer about the master getting crushed, lost or eaten in some drunken haze back in the day. I’m glad he didn’t cost me too much because he’s a pretty basic mini.  This photo is courtesy of Sons of Twilight.



And here’s the finished product, albeit a smaller pic.  All the non-frontal shots turned out blunt, so will get added later.



My favourite of the team so far.  Not a guy you see so much because Orc teams don’t feature so many linemen. He’ll be the Dirty Player on the side with any luck, kicking a different kind of ball.

Oilers Three

Welcome to Melbourne, where heat happens!  Have a whole week of 40+ days and 30+ nights, go to work in ridiculous business wear designed for northern europe.  We are so fucking dumb as a sex sometimes. OK, enough bitching, on with the show.


One of my ‘things’ when painting a team is to get the minis I like the least out of the way first as a hedge against waning enthusiasm as you’re finishing out the side later. The chap on the left is that guy, for this team. He’s distinctive – but he’s crap. So crap, he looks like he’s taking one! As usual, a better photo would do him slightly more justice I really hope he just blends in and doesn’t spoil the team photo too much. I think my choice of colour scheme doesn’t do him much justice, he suits a more traditional black/metal red/orange scheme. I wanted a Japanese samurai style mask, but its not as symmetrical as it should be, I ended up with a Gene Simmons style KISS pattern, which is not illustrated well here and needs a side shot.

If anyone reads this blog and wonders why (old) people have such affinity for these crappy old figures, that is a completely fair question!  The answer is… its complicated. By today’s standards they’re extremely cartoonish, which is further exacerbated by the sort of paint job I tend to put on them.  I tend to think of Fantasy Football, and the NFL no less as a hyper-real spectacle and I like my minis to show that. Think of the football match played in Starship Troopers, thats my ideal.  Lastly, nostalgia is a big factor – I’ve owned most of these guys since I was a kid, and generally they’ve never been too far from me.

The Hobgoblin *cough* Orc *cough* in the middle however, I am much happier with. He’s a throwback by all counts: the uniform, the orange skin and the very miniature itself an ‘Orc Catcher’ are all legacies from a bygone era. There were three Orc Catchers sculpted by Kev Adams back in ’88 and I have two that will feature in this side. The orange skin was Citadel canon for Hobgoblins in the ’80s, and it still is for the same in D&D. Citadel had a paint colour named “Hobgoblin Orange” as well. They’ve had a rocky relationship with Games Workshop in the last 20 years or so graduating from a Mongol/Golden Horde influence into a more ‘big goblin’ central asian theme in the 90’s. Of course they’ve basically disappeared altogether nowdays so its up to me to keep the flag flying, even he is really an Orc!  Here’s a shot below of a C36 series Hobbo courtesy of Aly Morrison from 1985.  I have a copy of him, but he’s painted green, ironically.


The last guy is the first that I painted and I spent a bunch of time on him. Of the six different 2nd Ed Chaos Dwarves I have about five copies of this guy, so if I screw him up he can be re-done fairly easily. He’s sort of middle of the road to me, a good starting figure. He probably ended up with too much red on him, but he’s good enough.

I also intended to use the new Citadel Technical paint Agrellan Earth on the base.  It delivers a cracked earth effect, which looks quite fetching however it dulled down the minis too much and didn’t really fit my idea of a blood bowl pitch, even when I scattered on patches of “dried out” static grass.  So, standard lush green pitch it is.

Here come the Oilers


I finally shrugged off the overating induced Christmas torpor and dug the paints and brushes out.  I’ve got six months to finish a side that has a shot at the title at Eucbowl in early July.  That’s two minis a month, something even at my glacial pace I should be able to achieve.

This is the first of six Chaos Dwarf Blockers for my (surprise, surprise) Chaos Dwarf team. Keeping with the Houston theme that my dwarves have taken, I’ve lifted the scheme pretty much as is from the Oilers, who now play in Tennessee as the Titans.  Its one of my all time favourite uni combinations, and while I’m reasonably happy with this guy as I paint the side up I may end up re-doing this guy as I tweak the colour arrangement.

I really need the Foldio to help take some better pictures.  These cloudy Melbourne morning shots are total gash.

Oh, and here’s the team logo – designed by a friend of mine.  Chaos Dwarves, as far as lore goes have a central asian theme to them, so I’ve got OIL in Farsi (Iranian) on it. Ladies and gentleman, your Hamedan Oilers!