The Godsworn Hunt


My third warband, the barbarians of the Godsworn Hunt.  I really wanted a Frank Frazetta flavour for these guys, a lot of natural tones with just red as an accent colour.

The skin tone was airbrushed first, I took inspiration from this iconic image of Grace Jones and 70’s sci-fi art (the best era).



With the bases I have attempted to match the flora and fauna (see Ollo and Grundann) of the Australian outback.

Grawl was styled loosely on a Dingo, with some Tasmanian Tiger stripes.

All in all I had a blast painting these minis, the detail and poses are fantastic.  Each figure has their own personality that matches their role in the game.  Ollo the archer is probably my favourite if I had to pick one.

Here’s the recipe:

Airbrush Steps for the Skin

Black and Rhinox Hide
Rhinox Hide
Daemonette Hide
Daemonette Hide and Ghost Grey

50/50 Agrax and Druchii Violet

Daemonette Hide and Ghost Grey

Agrax Earthshade
Heavy Metal

Mournfang Brown
Agrax Earthshade
Skrag Brown and White

Yellow weapon features
Filthy Brown
Reikland Fleshshade
Filthy Brown
Flash Gitz Yellow

Red cloth
Flat Red or Khorne Red (cape)
Reikland Fleshshade
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Evil Sunz Scarlet and Rojo Amaranth

Clay tablets
Red, Mournfang, Filthy Brown
Agrax Earthshade

Theddra’s Dress
Kislev Flesh
Reikland Fleshshade
Kislev Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh

Administratum Grey
Agrax Earthshade
Administratum Grey
Ghost Grey

Hide Loincloths
Old GW Bleached Bone and Filthy Brown
Seraphim Sepia
Bleached Bone and White

Theddra’s Hair
Incubi Darkness
Temple Guard Blue

Base (Desert Sand)
Skrag Brown and Rojo Amaranth
Reikland Fleshshade
Skrag Brown and Rojo Amaranth dry brush
Sponge Filthy Brown

Dark Wood
Stormvermin Fur
Agrax Earthshade
Administratum Grey

Light Wood
Bleached Bone
Agrax Earthshade
Pallid Wych Flesh

Base Rim
Rhinox Hide


A team photo, in three parts

I’ve unearthed my Foldio a portable light box, something that I kickstarted some years back before it was subsumed a tide of baby paraphernalia.  Amazingly the magnets that hold it in shape hadn’t lost power so it didn’t immediately collapse as I removed it from its dusty sleeve.

Smartphones have become better, but my photography hasn’t, although this grey backing sheet does tend to give a good result.  Since I’ve been augmenting my Chaos Pact team lately I had barely any excuses to try for a team photo, albeit in thirds.


Odd little jobs

With the advent of BB2016 my beloved Chaos Pact have been blessed with a new addition to the roster.  He’s a racist (Animosity in Blood Bowl parlance) Orc Lineman.  The jury is out on how much utility he adds to the roster but he certainly has a role in my squad.punchingbag

He’s cheap and AV9, go straight to the line of scrimmage!  He saves me from having to put an AV8 marauder or the Minotaur in harms way from the get-go.

One of my favourite aspects of the Pact roster is seeing how the different renegades fill roles that are markedly different from their respective native sides.  Skaven lineman are notorious for being little more than fodder, yet my plucky chap is a handy defensive sweeper with an eye for the end zone.  Everyone knows Dark Elf linemen are good, on the Pact roster they’re stars, and Goblins – well they’re Goblins.

So we’ll see with the Orc.  He’s not likely to see too much of the ball, but if he can find his feet (literally?) that AV9 might give him the time to develop into a nice player.


It costs a lot to look this cheap

So, my first real content since my hiatus, and it’s not old lead.  GW’s new found ‘decency’ has taken the edge off my nostalgia and really opened my eyes to the quality of their plastic products.  This Sector Mechanicus terrain is a joy to handle.  It fits together snugly, is superbly detailed and hold’s paint like a boss.  It’s worth the mortgage on your wallet!

Anyway, here’s my journey into and beyond the Ferratonic Furnace…

Still on the sprue after a nice dose of Chaos Black spray.  GW spray is also good (I’m turning into a shill, HELP!!!)


I’ve assembled the furnace and dry brushed the parts I want to have a metallic finish.  Leadbelcher and some Necron Compound edges for the silver, Balthasar Gold (it’s bronze!) and Sycorax Bronze for that big grimdark skull.


After masking the metallic section, I’ve sprayed the furnace, door and top-piece (is it a ‘roof’?) with VGC Charred Brown (Rhinox Hide), VMC Amaranth Red and VMA Brown in varying concentrations.  The dereliction is starting to take shape thanks to this rusty cocktail.

I then gave the furnace and door a nice coat of hairspray, which is why it looks a little glossy in the picture


My inspiration for the sickly green blue panel colour is from the industries on the Harkonnen homeworld of Giedi Prime in David Lynch’s Dune.  Unfortunately I neglected to capture an unweathered photo of it, maybe due to the beer I was drinking at the time.

This wonderful concoction is a unrepeatable mix of VMC German Uniform, VMC Light Sea Grey and VGC Glacier Blue.  I love it – but I don’t even know what to call it.

I tried to spray one even coat because the paint will tear during the weathering process if it ends up too thick.  It looks rubbish, trust me.

Anyway, I’ve been using the green kitchen scourer – a fresh one in this case to gently rub off this top coat, maybe about 15 minutes after the spray was completed.  It lets the paint cure just a little as to not come off too easily but not dry enough to make it too much work.  Dab on some water and start scratching!


After removing the masking tape, I painted on some rusty streaks with a watery mix of Agrax Earthshade and Amaranth Red.  I don’t like to over do this, mostly because I’m lazy, but also partly because I have PTSD from an earlier attempt to paint this type terrain with a brush.  Some masochists do though!

I’m also a recent convert to dry pigments, and the furnace has a mix of Vallejo Pigments Rust and Burnt Umber, applied liberally around anything rusty, and onto the metallic areas.


All up it took about three hours, half of which was spent cleaning the airbrush.  Even then, it’s still about a million times more fun than using a regular brush.  Really.

I haven’t completed the furnace roof yet, so I put the base of an alchomite stack on top for the pic.

Enter the Blight

Mal Blight, compensating.

Mal Blight, compensating.

…And we’re done. 14 months after arriving in the post the second of my warriors of Poxton is done and dusted. Given the four month lay off since finishing my last Pestigor, I thought he turned out well. The miniature quality helps tremendously, Jes Goodwin’s work is always a joy to paint.

This chap is named Mal Blight, after Australian Football coach Malcolm Blight, who happens to have a particularly Nurglesque name. Two of my Warriors will be roadblock types while the other pair will take up killer roles. With his zoidberg claw, ol’ Mal here’s a killer.

The colours I used are:

FLESH: VMC German Green, VMC Light Sea Grey, VGC Elf Flesh
PURPLE: VGC Black, GW Xereus Purple, VMC Fluoro Magenta, VGC Squid Pink, VGC White
BONE: VGC Charred Brown(?) VMC Flat Earth, VGC White
RED: GW Khorne Red, GW Evil Sunz Scarlet, VGC White
INK: VGC Red, VGC Brown
BASE: VGC Charred Brown, GW Agrellan Earth

And the wheels begin to turn once again

I’ve managed a couple of small sessions this week, the first since October last year Muscle memory is a wonderful thing, and I finally have a little bit of content for 2015.

This delightful chap is a converted Nurgle Champion from the Jes Goodwin stable of greatness, circa 1988.  I’ve snipped off his mace and replaced it with a monstrous claw. I think there’s an original shot of him around somewhere as well…


I’ve seen the future, and it’s pink

Nothing awakens the desire to paint better than the purchase of manky old lead, this time in the form of some Pink Horrors.  Said desire of course must be harnessed quickly before it fades – and these blighters end up on the pile.

I’ve long harboured a desire to use Kev Adam’s and Trish Morrison’s Horrors on the Blood Bowl pitch.  Some Quebecois chap put together a Slann team out of them (along with a Lord of Change) some years back, and with this being the internet I thought I’d slavishly copy him.

I have also home-brewed a roster, (which I’ll share in time) for a Daemons of Tzeentch team that I plan to run in a fun, unscheduled league against other people’s creations in a few months.  I feel like the roster is a bit similar to Underworld on the power curve, slightly more resilient than the Skaven/Rat combo but not nearly as bashy.

I actually have a huge swag of old Horrors in a box somewhere, these pinks are the cherry on the top.  Now, to the bath with you!

PinkHorrorsRawFront PinkHorrorsRawBack