Fassbinder’s year in review

Well, its a quiet end to the year – as previously mentioned.  The Melbourne Blood Bowl Season is done, my Poxton Stranglers finished a creditable 3-3-1 (W-L-T) after facing a pretty difficult schedule.  The side has developed well after taking some early hits, and I look forward to stinking it up further in the new year.

As far as painting goes, I want the team ready by July for Eucbowl.  2014’s Chaos Dwarves unfortunately didn’t sit well my peers and I didn’t place in the painting, after taking out the title in 2013.  Not fielding a big guy may have been a mistake, in hindsight. This won’t be an issue in 2015!  The minis were also perhaps a little petite.  When submitted to peer judging, paint jobs and minis need to be more Kate Upton and less Kate Moss – if you take my meaning.

So to all my (7,lol) readers (or the people who just search for pics of Dorjak Sureclaw and Galmen Goreblade), have a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/Whatever. I plan on lying in, drinking coffee, overeating, playing with my daughter, playing a Blood Bowl 7’s tourney, doing cryptic crosswords, having a six player game of Twilight Imperium with my friends and generally not a lot of anything else for the next couple of weeks.  It’s going to be great, I can’t wait!

See you in 2015.



Well, its been ages since I last posted.  I’m blaming work mostly – I’ve got a new role internally that has required me to travel lately, and also my computer has overtaken my hobby space since its wifi no longer works thanks to Yosemite wrecking it.  When Apple gets around to fixing their OSX bugs, I’ll have some space and maybe some time to get the brushes out.  Novelty!

Helmut Grosswürst

Its been a long time, I know. Work, winter, the World Cup, Blood Bowl tournaments and timetable changes due to Spieledeluxe becoming a trading entity had been taking higher priority than getting back to the hobby desk. However, the MBBL does not rest for long and my new Nurgle team wants for conversion and painting. I’ve had three wins in the pre-season so far, (re)burying the nightmare I had with the Necros and I am excited to put a nice original scheme on my rotting scumbags.

Still, you gotta convert before you paint and below is Helmut Grosswuerst, one of my four warriors. They are so repugnant that opponents will often refuse to block and risk dropping the ball if passing or catching nearby on account of their rank stench. In addition to their high strength and armour, they also have a 50/50 chance of regenerating injuries – in short they are fabulous Blood Bowl players, and worthy of a fine paint job.


Because Nurgle gets up to four of these titans, its worth building in-game with different roles. Tentacles can prevent players dodging away, while a Claw tears through an opponents armour. Helmut here has the best of both worlds, making full use of his unearthly gifts.




There’s a little bit to go, some green stuff around the cuff of his right arm to even out the join between the claw.  Otherwise I’m looking forward to putting some paint on him.




Its fair to say that I’m a pretty lucky guy. I won the genetic lottery by being born into The Demographic, in a first world country that affords me some time to indulge in hobbies and the ability to write this blog without fear of violence or censorship. I also have no chronic illnesses or allergies (diagnosed at least) and have fathered one beautiful child.

Last but not least, I’m married to a wonderful woman who also happens to play games. Good, proper, gamer-ey games, like Agricola, Ghost Stories, Race for the Galaxy and Yomi. Its a good life!
After spending some years managing a game store she has branched out to make her own way with a new store, both located in North Melbourne and on the web.

To promote the web store, she’s given me a coupon code minimakeovers that will give you 10% off her already great prices at the checkout. So by all means, take a gander at Spieledeluxe at www.spieledeluxe.com

If you’re local and you want to visit the store that has been keeping me so busy lately, it is Shop 3, 566 Queensberry St, North Melbourne, VIC 3051.

The Poxton Stranglers

Its a bit of a transition period at MiniMakeover Towers. Family members are selling houses and I’ve been flat out helping my wife set up her retail business (which I will plug here in the not too distant future). All that has meant a lot of picking up heavy things and putting them down again along with a lot of home renovation type activities like drilling holes in brick, hanging shelves, sanding and painting and all other man-card-reinforcing stuff.

Although the hobby skills don’t directly translate to DIY, a methodical attitude, patience and dedication to preparation do and I’m reasonably proud of the results I’ve achieved.

As such I’ve had little time or energy to devote to my beloved hobby, DIY is draining and while I’d normally get up early to get some mini painting done I now find myself looking in horror at the clock for a moment before bounding to the shower, as if the saving of a second will make me less late for work!

Actually that is a total lie, I catch up on some important business (Impact Kickstarter Campaign) and left-wing outrage (The Guardian) before shambling in. A life before smartphones was a life half-lived.

Also in transition are my projects, as we shift away from my ill-fated foray into the world of Necromantic Blood Bowl teams and hopefully toward better, smellier and suitably festering times with a Nurgle side. I haven’t posted much about the Necro, because for the most part I couldn’t figure them out. They’re a hybrid team, with bashy and dashy players. In theory you’ll be able to bash the sides that are dashy, and dash past the bashy ones – in practice I found them to be a mediocre and fragile bash team without enough agility to compensate. Most of my opponents were low armoured, agile teams which negated my team’s natural advantage of having Claws on its Werewolves, and I also didn’t have enough Tackle to bring them down regularly. All in all it was my most dismal season going 1-4-2 (W-T-L) just a year after hoisting the championship. Bye Frank!


So, we’re done with the dead-ites and the eye-bleeding futility that came with them. Now we’ll move on to Nurgle and probably a plata segunda of shambling misery.
However, I’m confident that they’ll do two things better than I could manage with the Necro – stymie my opponent, and pick up the ball.

So, on with the team!

First up are the Rotters, able though brittle servants of Papa Nurgle and thus pretty cheap. Best of all you get free ones when one of your team members kills somebody! Normally people use zombies to represent Rotters, but I’m one of the minority in this hobby that is at least partially baffled by the geek love and mainstrem-ification of zombies. Never played Last Night On Earth, never watched an episode of Walking Dead or read the comic. What I am a fan of though is old skool Realm of Chaos (RoC) minis and all the lovely white metal character that comes with them. Yes, yes, Plaguebearers aren’t Rotters, who cares! (plague swords optional)


OK, so I’ve only got three warriors right now. Bilerot and two RoC champions. The Oldhammer revolution has turned these fellas into the hobby equivalent of bitcoins, right now fetching double the price I paid for them back in January. None of that will save them from conversion in the slightest, in fact you can see the claw I’ve given to Mr My-Arm-Is-My-Leg. Alien-Tongue is going to lose the scythe/halberd fairly shortly to be replaced with more tentacles. Bilerot is just going to get a paint job when I figure out a scheme…


Just the one Pestigor right now, two arms good, three arms better is mantra. After two seasons of butterfingered undead fumbling the ball I am looking forward to a delightfully pustular Pestigor and his Sure Hands + Extra Arms ball cradling combo. This is what insuance looks like people!  Horned and boil-ey! He is a Beastface mini from blog reader Axiom’s personal line, a little on the large size, but I figure that will mean I roll a bunch of +ST . More Pesti’s to come later as I add them to the roster.


We now enter the ethically dubious section of the post. Astute readers will note that the below miniature is a Confrontation Chthonian Larva 2 from the very much defunct Rackham miniatures. This particular example is a resin recast, a very good quality one from a chap in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I’m unsure of the efficacy of the Ukrainian postal service currently (rocket attacks, insurrection etc) but it was just fine back in January and I’m grateful for it. I did do a good search for several weeks, but the only ones that turned up on ebay were also resin.  Its a damn shame people can’t sort their shit out enough to meet the demand for their quality product.


So there we go, a long post for only half a team – none of it painted. I’m trying to come up with an original scheme that has NO GREEN in it. Just about every Nurgle team is green and I don’t do cliched schemes.

Elves take a darker turn

Although I’d known that my Elf team could double as a Dark Elf side with a bit of conversion I never dreamed I’d be working on Witch Elves or Assassins.  I’ve never run a Dark Elf team, partially because they’re over-represented in my local league, but it can’t be denied that designing ones own minis gives a fairly good licence.  

There will be two metal team options for the Kickstarter.  One will be a Pro Elf base with optional Witch Elf and Asassins, the other will be a Dark Elf base with optional Pro Elf Throwers and Catchers.  

Tom and I are now in the process of designing a Horkon Heartripper and an Ithaca Benoin to round out the Dark Elf star player selection.  All we need after that is a Zara and a Soaren HIghtower – then we’ll have the full complement of HIgh Elf stars as well…

Tom took the lead on this witch, he was keen on the ‘come hither’ pose.  My main input was the hair.  I was shocked by the size of it initally, but it has grown on me (pun!) as time passes.  Witch elves need witchy, vampish hair and I think this one carries it off.


SHORYUKEN! The second witch is my suggestion for a pose.  It reflects the witch’s natural aggression and evokes the use of her Jump Up skill. It is also delightfully 80’s, imagine her on TV with cartoon star wipes emanating from that raised fist.


Lastly, here’s our skulking Assassin.  He’s modeled off one of the linemen and has an Assassin’s Creed style hood. Watch yo back!