…and dance

Well I finished the pudgy blighter and I’m pretty happy with the result.  The photos don’t capture the vibrant pink& purple combo unfortunately, but them’s the breaks.  Second man down, extra-armed Pestigor is up next!

BenFinishedFront BenFinishedBack

And here’s a shot of how he looked before:



Put on your red shoes



Ben taking a bit more shape.  He was looking really neat and clean after I’d done the white, it is so hard to dig out the red/brown ink and spatter shit all over him.   Pants, shoes and details yet to be completed.

My Cousin Ben

Also today, some WIP shots of the first Nurgle Warrior.  No doubt many of the swelling ranks of fans I have following this blog (ha!)  will notice that the purple bears a striking resemblance to the Chaos Troll I painted for my triumphant Eucbowl winning team of 2013. And they’d be right, I’ve been copying it.  The base is Xereus Purple, I lighten it with VGC Squid pink and the secret ingredient is VMC Fluorescent Magenta.  The Magenta has a slight glossy sheen, which will disappear when I’ve varnished him, but it is nice and lurid.  If I’m painting maggots, they should be vibrant maggots.

MyCousinBenIPFront MyCousinBenIPBack

The Rot sets in

I think every parent must look back at their pre-parenthood state and wonder what they did with the oceans of time that life afforded them. I’m still amazed that I can summon the will to paint at 5am; just because I know that its the only chance I’ll have – I must really love painting as well!

And here is the output of this early morning work, a fully functional Poxton Strangler named Smudge. As I mentioned in previous posts I fully intend to avoid the massively clichéd green colouration that is applied inevitably to Nurgle teams. Sinces Plagubearers eschew clothing all together, I’ve greenstuffed on some kneepads and a ripped guernsey so that I have some surface to apply the Strangler’s Purple/White/Red colour scheme.


The base skin colour for this shabby bloke is VMC ‘German Uniform’ or more less euphimistically; ‘Nazi Green’ (is that jackboots in the distance?) He has been progressively highlight with German Uniform + Light Sea Grey and finished off with a glaze mixed from more German Uniform and Medium Blue.

For the uniform I went with Citadel’s Xereus Purple with various amounts of Black, Hormagaunt Purple (an old foundation paint) and VGC Squid Pink, and then liberally dabbed brown ink over the top to sully it appropriately – old pus ‘n shit stains.

Finally, the base is coated with VGC Charred Brown (including the rim) before a good smothering of Citadel’s Agrellan Earth and a nuanced dusting of static grass.
And that’s it!

Los Logos

I don’t tend to use ‘hobby’ style re-roll counters or turn markers.  I’m not really much of a graphic designer, but a cardboard re-roll counter gives you a 2d surface to showcase some branding behind the team that dice mounted on bases or “sideline” figures don’t offer.  Here are some of my efforts over the years.

PoxtonStranglersAlt2 ShelteringSkyLogo Violent Desire FacelessMen copy

Helmut Grosswürst

Its been a long time, I know. Work, winter, the World Cup, Blood Bowl tournaments and timetable changes due to Spieledeluxe becoming a trading entity had been taking higher priority than getting back to the hobby desk. However, the MBBL does not rest for long and my new Nurgle team wants for conversion and painting. I’ve had three wins in the pre-season so far, (re)burying the nightmare I had with the Necros and I am excited to put a nice original scheme on my rotting scumbags.

Still, you gotta convert before you paint and below is Helmut Grosswuerst, one of my four warriors. They are so repugnant that opponents will often refuse to block and risk dropping the ball if passing or catching nearby on account of their rank stench. In addition to their high strength and armour, they also have a 50/50 chance of regenerating injuries – in short they are fabulous Blood Bowl players, and worthy of a fine paint job.


Because Nurgle gets up to four of these titans, its worth building in-game with different roles. Tentacles can prevent players dodging away, while a Claw tears through an opponents armour. Helmut here has the best of both worlds, making full use of his unearthly gifts.




There’s a little bit to go, some green stuff around the cuff of his right arm to even out the join between the claw.  Otherwise I’m looking forward to putting some paint on him.




Its fair to say that I’m a pretty lucky guy. I won the genetic lottery by being born into The Demographic, in a first world country that affords me some time to indulge in hobbies and the ability to write this blog without fear of violence or censorship. I also have no chronic illnesses or allergies (diagnosed at least) and have fathered one beautiful child.

Last but not least, I’m married to a wonderful woman who also happens to play games. Good, proper, gamer-ey games, like Agricola, Ghost Stories, Race for the Galaxy and Yomi. Its a good life!
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