Its fair to say that I’m a pretty lucky guy. I won the genetic lottery by being born into The Demographic, in a first world country that affords me some time to indulge in hobbies and the ability to write this blog without fear of violence or censorship. I also have no chronic illnesses or allergies (diagnosed at least) and have fathered one beautiful child.

Last but not least, I’m married to a wonderful woman who also happens to play games. Good, proper, gamer-ey games, like Agricola, Ghost Stories, Race for the Galaxy and Yomi. Its a good life!
After spending some years managing a game store she has branched out to make her own way with a new store, both located in North Melbourne and on the web.

To promote the web store, she’s given me a coupon code minimakeovers that will give you 10% off her already great prices at the checkout. So by all means, take a gander at Spieledeluxe at www.spieledeluxe.com

If you’re local and you want to visit the store that has been keeping me so busy lately, it is Shop 3, 566 Queensberry St, North Melbourne, VIC 3051.