They’re he-ere


Well I’ve been pummeled at work for over two weeks, time and energy have been in negative supply.  It is still fun receiving cool packages in the mail like this though.



Blood Bowl Casualty Dice

(Originally posted on the Ausbowl forum)

Hi everyone, it occurred to my friend & I that dice can do away with the Blood Bowl Casualty Table entirely. I know that Southern Shrike Bowl came up with a Cas d6 a few years back, but I decided to go the step further and create the d8 as well.

Roll a Serious Injury (SI, face 5) on the d6 and refer to the d8. All other results you ignore the d8. Because it is numbered as well, you can use the d8 for scattering balls, heads, ashes or whatever else you see fit. Form and function unparalleled!

I’ve chosen high contrast black and white for the companion dice, using a font that evokes the authoritative voice of a medical professional with dubious practices and questionable efficacy!

Of course imperial custom dice technology does not come cheap (and Fassbinder doesn’t do stuff by halves) they’re AU$15 (+postage) a set and numbers are very limited. Delivery expected mid-late September, mail me: kisada at gmail dot com for pre-orders. Banish the table forever!

Serious Injury Die
CasDieAV CasDieST

Casualty Die (black and white in production)
DeathAngle DeathBH