For every action…

…there’s an equal and opposite reaction.  This time the Oilers put on an absolutely dismal showing against my friend Tony’s rookie Vampire team.  Despite having no Block and seven pitiful Thralls with AV7 his team ran riot over the Oilers, knocking them down automatically and frequently removing them from the pitch.  

Bloodlust played essentially zero part in the match, two Thralls were badly hurt in consecutive actions when the game was well in hand to even up the numbers.

The photo shows my outfit on an offensive (very) second half drive having melted like spring snow as soon as they came into contact with the opposition.  The highlight of the game (for me) happened just after this shot, the “kicker” hobgoblin standing up and successfully blitzing the ball carrier on an uphill block.


All in all despite having a special talent for feeble Blood Bowl outings, this one is probably in the top 5 worst.  Next!


Bull Zoat

I’ve had this old zoat in the bits box for about two decades – over half my life. I think it was a steak knife in some bygone trade and the upper half is still there. Like a lot of gamers the hoarder instinct is part of my genetic makeup, my father was a hoarder and my family’s home was a constant battleground between his shifting tides of crap and my mother’s almost neat-freak tidiness. There’s a balance to be found and I constantly evaluate the keep-worthiness of my possessions. Living in a small place helps endlessly.

This Bull Centaur is one of the happy outcomes of hoarding an albeit small and relatively inconsequential piece of metal. His proportions aren’t ideal, afterall he’s constructed of Chaos Warrior, and the beard is perhaps a bit fine, a by product of not having a giant dwarven melon for a head. But I’m relatively new to conversions and green stuff so I thought he’s OK.Image