Chaos Pact, complete

There’s been many, many photos of the same bunch of minis.  This is the last one, the team is done!


The full XIII …almost done


Yes, there have been a lot of photos of these guys. Its amazing how a lack of time can focus your priorities, so they’re a testament to resolutely focusing on a single project (apart from a short dabbling in Skaven) which is now approaching its end, with only the Minotaur awaiting completion – and perhaps some re-roll & coach counters.

I’ve not really had the time to put into the Eternal Champion side of the blog – maybe if I pick up role playing again they’ll get a look in, but for now whatever I use is what gets done.

Purple People Eater complete

Photograpy as usual, is meh. But you get the idea…

Gaspez Arts Troll.
This is the view I’ll have when I get to set up the big dumb lug.  He’s a last hurrah to my long suffering pot of Liche Purple which finally gave up on me yesterday.  I’m really happy the way the skin turned out, I started with the Citadel foundation purple (hormagaunt or some tyranid name) mixed with Liche Purple and then gradually added Vallejo fluorescent pink and Vallejo Squid Pink.  I stuck with the pink combo for the scales and spines.

This is the second of Raffaele Stumpo’s big guys I’ve done and I have to say he was a real pleasure to paint like the Ogre was, and thats not just because it has boobs (troll man-boobs, blech!)! The casting is so smooth and the lines so clean, I was never in any doubt about how to treat the detail. I feel like he has an Italian flavour, to me he looks like a fat and ugly version of those imps you see on Campari or Cinzano posters in cafes sometimes.

Anyway, Eucbowl is a month away and I’ve a Minotaur to go that will see the team finished and ready to bash heads.



Purple People Eater


The penultimate mini for my Chaos Pact side is finally underway.  I thought I’d go for a purple -> pink scheme, suitably lurid and ropey flesh that suits a Chaos Troll.  I relearned the benefits of using a larger brush and got the flesh mostly done in a session. A couple more will see out the rest of the detail and it will be on to the Minotaur. 


A slight thaw: Big Blue Ogre emerges

Well, I had some time this weekend to get some work done and made sure that ‘work’ happened.  The first big fella for my Chaos Pact side has been completed.  After finishing his eyes and mouth I found that his face blurred into the greater mass of muscle that is his torso, so I gamely got out the blue and inked on a tattoo.  It is supposed to represent his deity, the all seeing eye channeling his influence into what passes for an Ogre’s brain.  If I’m lucky he’ll fail less Bonehead rolls!


And the back side, can’t go without seeing his exquisite loincloth!


And finally, an updated team shot.  There!



Next up is the latest recruit – the Chaos Troll!  There’s a little bit less surface area on him which is a relief. Although that said, I’m really keen to fulfil some more of the initial premises  of this blog – Eternal Champion and making over.  I think Yyrkoon, my favourite crazed warrior-sorceror is an ideal candidate.

Big Blue

So, its the weekend and we’re counting the days before our first child arrives – which happens to be a perfect time to pick up the brush and tackle the mountain of lead that are Chaos Pact big guys.  The Ogre got purchased (on the roster) ahead of the Troll or Minotaur simply because he’s more reliable, in theory at least.  In practice he has been a near constant liability on the pitch, falling over repeatedly and rolling Bonehead at the most inopportune of moments.  That’s part of the deal with this team though, and a regression to the mean in terms of dice may happen in the future.

I have to give the sculptor (Raffaele Stumpo) of the mini a nod, the lines are so clean on this big blue lug it is a joy to paint.   I don’t think I’m going to get quite as much contrast as I’d like with the skin but I’m happy with the result, besides my back is sore.