And darker still!

As if in a Deliverance style boating trip, I’m hanging on for dear life as Tom paddles his way down the furious Kickstarter river into the frosty heart of Naggaroth.  An innocuous project to design some shiny elves has turned into a ‘nightmare’, an initial flirtation with the dark side of elvendom has turned into fulsome musky embrace.  Black fingernails, eyeliner and thin-lipped sarcasm are our companions as we navigate through the abyss while Juan Miguel our faithful illuminator maps out our fevered visions.

Today’s fare is Ithaca Benoin, a Star Player skeleton who was once a Dark Elf.  Apparently he got caught in a sandstorm (cue the Darude track) and had his bones stripped bare, yet still retained some of his playing talent.  Here he is making use of his Dump Off skill, shovelling the ball to one of his team mates.



Elves take a darker turn

Although I’d known that my Elf team could double as a Dark Elf side with a bit of conversion I never dreamed I’d be working on Witch Elves or Assassins.  I’ve never run a Dark Elf team, partially because they’re over-represented in my local league, but it can’t be denied that designing ones own minis gives a fairly good licence.  

There will be two metal team options for the Kickstarter.  One will be a Pro Elf base with optional Witch Elf and Asassins, the other will be a Dark Elf base with optional Pro Elf Throwers and Catchers.  

Tom and I are now in the process of designing a Horkon Heartripper and an Ithaca Benoin to round out the Dark Elf star player selection.  All we need after that is a Zara and a Soaren HIghtower – then we’ll have the full complement of HIgh Elf stars as well…

Tom took the lead on this witch, he was keen on the ‘come hither’ pose.  My main input was the hair.  I was shocked by the size of it initally, but it has grown on me (pun!) as time passes.  Witch elves need witchy, vampish hair and I think this one carries it off.


SHORYUKEN! The second witch is my suggestion for a pose.  It reflects the witch’s natural aggression and evokes the use of her Jump Up skill. It is also delightfully 80’s, imagine her on TV with cartoon star wipes emanating from that raised fist.


Lastly, here’s our skulking Assassin.  He’s modeled off one of the linemen and has an Assassin’s Creed style hood. Watch yo back!