Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Dwarf Team

A 2009 shot of the Alan Perry dwarves that had been lurking at my parents house in NZ for 15 years or so. I was fortunate that the collection was relatively close in terms of composition as a modern LRB6 side.  Only a few blockers needed to be added.


I wanted to keep some element of the original scheme for the repaint, settling on the checked black and white tunic. ¬†Here’s a work in progress shot of the Hewstone Gamblers, based loosely on Jonathan E’s Houston team of the 1975 classic, Rollerball. The highlighting is a bit flat, I was keen on keeping the orange as lurid as possible without turning it into peach, but I feel that it probably could pop a bit more than it does.



In hindsight I should have replicated the Data 70 (thats the name of the font) numbers, oh well..



…but I like the blockers all the same!