Earl Aubec

There’s always an undercurrent of Eternal Champion that moves in the background of my mini obsessed brain, and  I picked up this nicely caked Earl Aubec of eBay the other day.  He has a late 80’s paint job by the looks and I was initially suspicious that he might be a re-cast.  I’ve found that you’re always rolling the dice with UK sourced minis, other countries not so much although Aubec is so obscure, rare and not very versatile you’d wonder why someone would bother.  Happily the bath confirmed his legitimacy. Yay!




The anti, anti-hero.  Bent, bowed, broken and clad in enamel.  I wish Moorcock had made him a bit more rounded, especially since he wielded Stormbringer’s twin, the Mournblade. Too cool a name to be wasted on an insane lunatic.Image

A swag of Eternal Champions


I’ll begin with an assortment of Pan Tang Infantry I picked up from a chap in Germany some time back.  Amongst this shabby mix was a couple of Tyger Handlers, the Sergeant, Jagreen Lern and Urlik Skarsol, one incarnation of the Eternal Champion. He also threw in some C0 series Barbarians, Fighters, Wizards and a couple of undead.  Nice dude!