Ghoulish conversion

After seeing some fine green stuff work on TFF by a spanish chap named Sir Skofis, I finally pulled the trigger on some 3rd Edition WHFB Ghoul conversions I’ve been meaning to get around to.  Never been one for conversions in the past – I feel bad about chopping up old lead that’s not likely to be produced again for one, and secondly my green stuff skills are woefully underdeveloped.

I’ve never been happy with pretty much any of the ghouls available for Blood Bowl.  They weren’t in 1st and 2nd edition, the 3rd edition ones have hideous poses and even worse man-boobs courtesy of our dear friend Gary Morley.  Willy has done a set, which are pretty good – but they’re too big.  I intended to go with two heresy ghouls that have a nice pose, but they’re not ‘heroic’ enough and they looked out of place in the team.  What’s a fussy pedant to do?



So, here’s the result of a few hours here and there over a half a week or so.  I’m really pleased with him, if you’re patient and don’t try to do too much in one go its surprisingly easy to get a decent result.  The edges aren’t as sharp as I’d like and the surface is a bit rough in places but for a first effort I thought he turned out well.

Adding shoulder and knee pads is probably some of the easiest things to do with green stuff so Blood Bowl conversions are a good way to build skills.  I wanted an open hand for him but I didn’t have any spare so I just extended out a finger.  It’ll do!