Bull Centaurs, again

So, I made a bull centaur out of Zoat and Chaos Warrior parts a while back that I’m pretty happy with – except that he’s too large.  Nothing compared to the Meiko team that will likely be a 3d jigsaw to just to fit them onto line of scrimmage, but still too large for the compact 2nd ed Chaos Dwarves that I’m running.  He will make an excellent Hthark the Unstoppable star player though, so not discarded completely.

The gold standard for this set of minis has long been carried by a Danish guy named Horekim, who has a neat blog called Lead Under the Bed. He’s kindly posted the recipe he used to create these excellent Bull Boar Centaurs out of old WHFB boars.  Never one to re-invent a perfectly good wheel I plan on doing much the same, although I might try some extra green stuff armour plating – something I may be able to tear off quickly if it looks rubbish.



The Grand Old Flag, Frank and Gory

Ghoulish “Gory” Lyon and “Frank” Stynes have made it off the painting table and onto the pitch.  Don’t mind the solar powered snowman/abomination in the background.  Pretty happy with these two blokes, there’s only so many minis I can paint without reaching for the electric blue and my will snapped at four.  I’m colour coding the positions by skin colour. Green for zombies, blue for ghouls, yellow for flesh golems and black for werewolves.


And the back…


Frank was serviceably painted (by TFF’s firebreather) when I got him, as shown with my left thumb and a hideously brown dwarf cheerleader, so he is a makeover – yes they do happen!


Five done now, the team is beginning to take shape.