And thats a wrap!

Courtesy of Tom at Impact! miniatures here is a composite image of all the sculpts in my Pro Elf team.  Almost two years in the making and despite some ups and downs with the Kickstarter funding, the final phase – production will commence shortly.  Alex, Lorraine and Juan Miguel have done excellent work in bringing my vision to life so far, Ed Fortae of Trollcast is the next man up – he will turn these 3d images into resin and metal.



On the campaign trail

The Kickstarter to fund my team – along with 17 others that are getting brand new resin castings is underway.  You can see and pledge (if you like it) here:

I’ve been spending most of my hobby time working with the sculptor to shape the minis as per my ‘vision’.  He’s fantastic though, so I don’t have to request many changes.  Two pieces of work here, my favourite Blitzer and one of the Catchers:

helmetdownblitzer_wip1 CatcherWIP

Elves, in 3D

Its been two weeks since my last post and the hobby desk is becoming like any other low-ish flat surface in the domain of a rampant 16 month old – cluttered with the shifting dune of nick-nacks, cutlery and small toys.

Instead, I’ve been focusing my attention on the really big project, my elf team. Juan Miguel, the sculptor and I have been working on getting the proportions right for an elf blood bowl player, which is time consuming because he’s on the opposite side of the planet – we don’t get a lot of back ‘n forth communication. The hard work is paying off though, here is a work in progress shot of the first elf lineman. There’s a few details to work out still, but I’m really impressed so far and I can’t wait to work on some of the positional players.


Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Elf Team


This outfit is my current Blood Bowl side. I’m running them as High Elves because although it’s been almost 25 years since Jes Goodwin sculpted these guys nobody else has come close to making an Elf team worth even half a shit. The season has been strange – nigh on unbeatable most times, the Sky have lost only a single game (to the lone undefeated coach) but only won three games out of a total of twelve.  The casualty rate is something like 12-44, its tough to win games when you’re being pummelled off the pitch.

Given the carnage rate the team isn’t actually in that bad shape, and will likely return next season.

The minis themselves were painted in 2009, and its really the first real concerted painting project after a decade where I painted maybe five miniatures total.

I was a bit enamoured with the San Diego Chargers return to powder blue alternate uniforms and I based the colour scheme upon them.  The highlighting is a bit flat compared to the work I’d do today – the team represents the skill level I had back in ’99.