And darker still!

As if in a Deliverance style boating trip, I’m hanging on for dear life as Tom paddles his way down the furious Kickstarter river into the frosty heart of Naggaroth.  An innocuous project to design some shiny elves has turned into a ‘nightmare’, an initial flirtation with the dark side of elvendom has turned into fulsome musky embrace.  Black fingernails, eyeliner and thin-lipped sarcasm are our companions as we navigate through the abyss while Juan Miguel our faithful illuminator maps out our fevered visions.

Today’s fare is Ithaca Benoin, a Star Player skeleton who was once a Dark Elf.  Apparently he got caught in a sandstorm (cue the Darude track) and had his bones stripped bare, yet still retained some of his playing talent.  Here he is making use of his Dump Off skill, shovelling the ball to one of his team mates.



Elves, in 3D

Its been two weeks since my last post and the hobby desk is becoming like any other low-ish flat surface in the domain of a rampant 16 month old – cluttered with the shifting dune of nick-nacks, cutlery and small toys.

Instead, I’ve been focusing my attention on the really big project, my elf team. Juan Miguel, the sculptor and I have been working on getting the proportions right for an elf blood bowl player, which is time consuming because he’s on the opposite side of the planet – we don’t get a lot of back ‘n forth communication. The hard work is paying off though, here is a work in progress shot of the first elf lineman. There’s a few details to work out still, but I’m really impressed so far and I can’t wait to work on some of the positional players.