The Bloodthirster


It was a real struggle to find a suitable Bloodthirster for my Khorne team, in a lot of ways it still is – since there’s little denying that this Realm of Chaos stalwart from the Perry twins is a shit mini.  He’s got the regulation static pose and his wings are tacked on and just look lifeless, but right now he’s probably the best of a bunch of bad options for a Khorne side.  Being the non-converter I am, I’ve snipped the weapons and replaced one of them with a brass knuckle.  I’ve also given him a paperclip face bar that may see some green stuff to add some volume to it.

RawThirst RawThirstWings


Khorne Team: Violent Desire

So in the interest of selling expansions to the online version of Blood Bowl, the latest “Chaos Edition” features a team created by some of the flotsam from the now defunct Blood Bowl Rules Committe (BBRC). Now Khorne isn’t really my favourite ruinous power, mainly because he lacks something in the field of intellectual curiosity. I know there’s some nuances to him, but basically Khorne exists as form of glue for the existential threat that the ruinous powers are supposed to pose to decent and lawful society in whatever Warhammer millieu you subscribe to. Khorne is scary, Khorne kills stuff, waaaahh! The other powers all have much less transparent methods or direction, which makes them more interesting to me but they’re not really openly threatening the way Khorne is.

With that in mind, the roster that bears the Khorne label is actually really interesting! In a way the vanilla Chaos roster that exists in Blood Bowl currently is really what I would consider a default Khorne team. It has only two standard player types, everyone blitzes at ST4 and there’s nary a ball skill in sight. If you’re not playing a “Chaos” team to bash the other side off the pitch, you ain’t doin’ it right. Now you could play a finesse game with Chaos, but you could also tow a caravan with a Ferrari.

Looking at this new specifically Khorne roster it really doesn’t seem very “Khorne” in a traditional sense at all. It’s not particularly strong, or armoured. It also doesn’t start with any Block or universal Strength skill access. The linemen Pit Fighters get Passing access – when would Khorne ever pass the ball! The application of Frenzy virtually across the board is what makes the team unique, and probably infuriating from a strategy perspective. I really like its originality and I’m excited to play them, although that opinion may change after the first game.

From a modelling angle, the individual stat lines pose problems of their own. A 6337 or 6338 line really demands a human lineman type model..

The Heralds are the most problematic because their online representation is not really matched by anything in metal or plastic, at least from Games Workshop. I’ve gone with two of Jes Goodwin’s 1989 Chaos Champions and done a bit of weapon snip-age. I’ve seen some Avatars of War minis used for Heralds, but in my mind they’re far too big to represent 6338. I want my dudes to look unique, demon-ish and kind of like team captains, and while they’re probably more AV9 than AV8 I think that’s a small concession overall.



Like the Heralds, the Bloodletters are classic Aliens-inspired models from the Realm of Chaos (RoC) era courtesy of the Perry twins. Later iterations tend to be much bulkier, static and considerably less sinuous, these guys are also white metal and can be bent into all kinds of shapes. I have toyed with the idea of adding shoulder or knee pads, but they’re so thin and twisted I think they’d probably look ridiculous. I might try a visor instead, but ultimately the paint job will differentiate a Blood Bowl ‘letter over a WHFB/40K one.


For the Pit Fighters I’ve got some spare Gaspez Arts Chaos Marauders, which are functionally perfect. I just added some shoulder pads from the GW WHFB Marauder box.


I have two RoC era Bloodthirsters which I have not pictured yet. At 180k, and the most expensive roster player in Blood Bowl, the sticker price is just too much to make a viable side from the get go. I don’t love the mini – he’s pretty static and not overly Blood Bowl. He’s also got wings, which puts me in a state of discomfort. If I come across something better, I might go with it, but considering the recruiting cost that could be some time off.Image