Condemned Eleven slides on slick Oilers


The premier outing of the now painted Hamedan Oilers was champagne Blood Bowl for coach Fassbinder. My opponent Karnov the ever gracious and sporting, who’s torso graces the background of the photo showed little exasperation as the sky blues knocked down his entire Condemned Eleven.  My boys showed crisp technique (I rolled well) and set up the ‘police cordon’ around the hobgoblin Ramen (noodle) who is safely ensconced and about to score.  The Condemned thrower, Joe Warsoar lies sacked and under un-armed guard by Reza and Roozbeh. Karnov was unlucky in his response as Lee Roosterman slipped inexplicably on the goal line late in the first. The Oilers dominant, 2-0 the final.