I’ve seen the future, and it’s pink

Nothing awakens the desire to paint better than the purchase of manky old lead, this time in the form of some Pink Horrors.  Said desire of course must be harnessed quickly before it fades – and these blighters end up on the pile.

I’ve long harboured a desire to use Kev Adam’s and Trish Morrison’s Horrors on the Blood Bowl pitch.  Some Quebecois chap put together a Slann team out of them (along with a Lord of Change) some years back, and with this being the internet I thought I’d slavishly copy him.

I have also home-brewed a roster, (which I’ll share in time) for a Daemons of Tzeentch team that I plan to run in a fun, unscheduled league against other people’s creations in a few months.  I feel like the roster is a bit similar to Underworld on the power curve, slightly more resilient than the Skaven/Rat combo but not nearly as bashy.

I actually have a huge swag of old Horrors in a box somewhere, these pinks are the cherry on the top.  Now, to the bath with you!

PinkHorrorsRawFront PinkHorrorsRawBack


The Rot sets in

I think every parent must look back at their pre-parenthood state and wonder what they did with the oceans of time that life afforded them. I’m still amazed that I can summon the will to paint at 5am; just because I know that its the only chance I’ll have – I must really love painting as well!

And here is the output of this early morning work, a fully functional Poxton Strangler named Smudge. As I mentioned in previous posts I fully intend to avoid the massively clichéd green colouration that is applied inevitably to Nurgle teams. Sinces Plagubearers eschew clothing all together, I’ve greenstuffed on some kneepads and a ripped guernsey so that I have some surface to apply the Strangler’s Purple/White/Red colour scheme.


The base skin colour for this shabby bloke is VMC ‘German Uniform’ or more less euphimistically; ‘Nazi Green’ (is that jackboots in the distance?) He has been progressively highlight with German Uniform + Light Sea Grey and finished off with a glaze mixed from more German Uniform and Medium Blue.

For the uniform I went with Citadel’s Xereus Purple with various amounts of Black, Hormagaunt Purple (an old foundation paint) and VGC Squid Pink, and then liberally dabbed brown ink over the top to sully it appropriately – old pus ‘n shit stains.

Finally, the base is coated with VGC Charred Brown (including the rim) before a good smothering of Citadel’s Agrellan Earth and a nuanced dusting of static grass.
And that’s it!

Elves, in 3D

Its been two weeks since my last post and the hobby desk is becoming like any other low-ish flat surface in the domain of a rampant 16 month old – cluttered with the shifting dune of nick-nacks, cutlery and small toys.

Instead, I’ve been focusing my attention on the really big project, my elf team. Juan Miguel, the sculptor and I have been working on getting the proportions right for an elf blood bowl player, which is time consuming because he’s on the opposite side of the planet – we don’t get a lot of back ‘n forth communication. The hard work is paying off though, here is a work in progress shot of the first elf lineman. There’s a few details to work out still, but I’m really impressed so far and I can’t wait to work on some of the positional players.


Smelly swag in the new year

Here’s a few shots of some holiday season eBay work I got up to. I’ve been playing a bit of Nurgle on the computer and I really like how they play – with suffocating defense and relentless pressure. Lots of passive skills limit like Foul Appearance and Disturbing Presence limit your opponent’s ability to block or pass on you.

I’ve been put off them for thematic reasons in the past but there is so many good Realm of Chaos era minis that I really can’t help but pit a side together. It must be said however that they won’t see any meaningful action until I am done with the Chaos Dwarves.


First up, three delightful Jes Goodwin Champions rather appropriately soiled by rubbish paint jobs.  I think I’ll use the Jeff Goldblum “Mr Fly” as a coach.  The other two will be Warriors, after conversion of course.  I feel like the guy on the right is Alien(s) inspired although I don’t think I’ll paint him in a black chitinous scheme. Another element of the Nurgle team that now appeals to me is that these Warriors can get the Tentacles Mutation, so I plan on adding some greenstuff appendages to represent this. Ones with little suckers, and maybe the odd sore. Gross.


And what Nurgle team would be complete without fatass himself, Bilerot Vomitflesh. Obviously he looks much more like a footballer than the others – but any distinction between the fantasy and football is likely to be covered by boils, rust and slime. Dear Mr Vomitflesh is also painted in a magnificently poor manner!


Lastly, what I hope will be enough Rotters for the team. Its a bad sign if I need to raid eBay for more! Three of these Plaguebearers are Aly Morrison’s, the other two are Kev Adam’s. Morrison’s are later, but plainly inspired by Adam’s work. They fit together nicely. I’ll greenstuff some shoulders onto them and the odd mouldering kneepad, after chopping off the swords of course. Friends of Papa Nurgle may lament choosing such favoured servants as mere Rotters, but again – who cares.

The Beast, last Warrior and the Pestigors will be covered in (filth) another post.