And thats a wrap!

Courtesy of Tom at Impact! miniatures here is a composite image of all the sculpts in my Pro Elf team.  Almost two years in the making and despite some ups and downs with the Kickstarter funding, the final phase – production will commence shortly.  Alex, Lorraine and Juan Miguel have done excellent work in bringing my vision to life so far, Ed Fortae of Trollcast is the next man up – he will turn these 3d images into resin and metal.



On the campaign trail

The Kickstarter to fund my team – along with 17 others that are getting brand new resin castings is underway.  You can see and pledge (if you like it) here:

I’ve been spending most of my hobby time working with the sculptor to shape the minis as per my ‘vision’.  He’s fantastic though, so I don’t have to request many changes.  Two pieces of work here, my favourite Blitzer and one of the Catchers:

helmetdownblitzer_wip1 CatcherWIP