Even in the 80’s they had Eavy Metal posts about plastic kits

Just a few pics from the previously mentioned WD103.  Back in the day it was OK for Space Marines to use camouflage and Imperial Guard were allowed to use modern sounding unit nicknames, “The Wrecking Crew”is a nice example.  I’m not that au fait with today’s Sturm und Drang toned fluff although I’m aware that the Badab War is still part of the current canon. Apologies about the size of the images.


EMRhino2 RhinoColours1 RhinoColours2


The humble Rhino

Been a bit ill lately and not much posting hence.  I have been doing a fair bit of ebay-ing (comings and goings) and this old Rhino showed up early last week.  It is such an iconic design, I feel a bit strange that I’ve not owned one in the past.  They debuted in July of 1988 in WD103, which I’ve had in my possession for almost as long – I’ll scan some pics from the ‘Eavy Metal shortly.  Back then they came in a box of 3 for the princely sum of 10 quid.

I’ve found out, with hindsight that buying a fully constructed plastic kit comes with some caveats – notably you are subject to the modelling skills of the previous owner(s) without the benefit of being able to dunk them in stripper and erase all memory of their misdeeds. Thus as you can see there is a fair bit of glue scarring on this old beast, which I spent much of the spare evenings of this week filing and sanding away while ripping it apart in the most gentle of manners. If only I’d bothered to take a decent look at the picture prior to purchasing!Image


Many lessons learned I guess – and excuses to bring out the epoxy putty and emery boards to clean the old girl up.  I prefer a more minimal look to my vehicles, I’m not so keen on sandbags, aerials or other rubbish cluttering them up.  I was quite taken with the hunter-killer missile, so I’ve left that on even though its probably a bit of an unneeded expense in game terms.   Now… I just have to paint it…