Rat, Rat, Ratty

So, the skaven are a bit of a diversion from more pressing teams, but I really like dreaming up colour schemes and trying them out, especially on great minis like this team.  I had anticipated the rats to be fairly straight forward, but this guy turned out to be a bit more of an adventure than anticipated.

Preparation is really important with minis.  I am usually fairly patient, but for some reason I rushed mundane but important tasks with this Kicker turned Gutter Runner.  The undercoat was badly done for a start, my normal “spraying” shoe box was filled with junk so I opted to use a smaller box that came to hand – too small in fact.  You need to sweep the spray side to side, but I was limited to pointing the can directly at the figure due to the small receptacle.  BAD IDEA as the coat was too thick, as I found out later when the paint started pooling on the surface.  After painting him in a sweatbox, which the entire city of Melbourne has become after a zillion days of 30+ weather, my trusty Testors Dullcote metamorphosized into Testors Glosscote.  Thankfully, I had some old Tamiya matt varnish left and I managed to salvage him with a coat.  GRRR!


So, after several Sean Lock moments kicking myself, here’s the finished guy.  I think he’s a recast actually as the mini detail is a bit blunted.  Oh and we have a nice layer of cloud over the city making photography a bit more difficult – so the green is a bit more lurid than actual due to the flashlight photo.  It’ll do.GR2ProfileGR2Back


Skaven. Run fast, paint fast

Its my opinion that tough guys – as in coaches, play the fragile teams. The pussies, the
bullies, those with fragile egos and minimum wages – those are the guys that hide behind high armour and mighty blow.

In a developed league, it takes a certain level of intestinal fortitude to put your hard won skills in the face of Chaos, Dwarf, and Chaos Dwarf wrecking crews week after week.
After a while you get used to your team sheet looking like an emergency room, you start seeing opportunities – three journeymen next game can man the line of scrimmage and soak up hits your rostered players would take instead.

No team sums up fragile like Skaven. They are Blood Bowl’s glass cannon, blessed with a reasonable amount of agility, but a speed unmatched by any other team. All of this offensive firepower comes at the price of armour. These rats get beat up, badly most of the time! With Skaven, thats how it is – and when you gameplan for inbound pain, you can deal with it and Skaven on balance are actually pretty cheap to replace. I mean, they’re dirty rats after all, how pricy could they be?

So, now that I’m suitably beaten-down from playing Elves I thought I might take a stab (pun) at painting the team I have. I picked up most of these chaps via ebay some years back, when they were only moderately overpriced. For the uninitiated, these are yet again Jes Goodwin’s work and like his elves no one has come within miles of sculpting a Skaven team close to his. Everybody knows this, hence this team will cost an arm and a leg to put together these days.


The painted models will be getting a bath any day now, I have figured out a paint scheme that is 90% original – I haven’t seen any done like it, and I’m pretty enthused because rat fur is quick to paint.