Purple People Eater complete

Photograpy as usual, is meh. But you get the idea…

Gaspez Arts Troll.
This is the view I’ll have when I get to set up the big dumb lug.  He’s a last hurrah to my long suffering pot of Liche Purple which finally gave up on me yesterday.  I’m really happy the way the skin turned out, I started with the Citadel foundation purple (hormagaunt or some tyranid name) mixed with Liche Purple and then gradually added Vallejo fluorescent pink and Vallejo Squid Pink.  I stuck with the pink combo for the scales and spines.

This is the second of Raffaele Stumpo’s big guys I’ve done and I have to say he was a real pleasure to paint like the Ogre was, and thats not just because it has boobs (troll man-boobs, blech!)! The casting is so smooth and the lines so clean, I was never in any doubt about how to treat the detail. I feel like he has an Italian flavour, to me he looks like a fat and ugly version of those imps you see on Campari or Cinzano posters in cafes sometimes.

Anyway, Eucbowl is a month away and I’ve a Minotaur to go that will see the team finished and ready to bash heads.




Blood Bowl 2nd Edition (well mostly) Orc Team


A bold serving indeed of Kev’ Adams finest fare. Citadel’s other best sculptor of the late 80s turned out these chaps in May of 1988, with the exception of the troll – I don’t actually know who sculpted him, but he fits thematically with the team.  I painted these guys in late 2009, early 2010.  Still old school style painting, no attempt at any sort of light-source highlighting.

I take this team to interstate tournaments mostly, where I pay hundreds of dollars to fly to some exotic location (Canberra mostly) and sit in a room for two days and get beat by other 30-something nerds.  Orcs are good in tourneys, especially when they’re being played by someone who is not me.

They’ve had one good run at Cancon in 2010, where I must have lucked into the weakest schedule ever after a rough start and ended up in the top 20.  I’d like to think I’m a better player than I was then, but results speak otherwise.