I’ve seen the future, and it’s pink

Nothing awakens the desire to paint better than the purchase of manky old lead, this time in the form of some Pink Horrors.  Said desire of course must be harnessed quickly before it fades – and these blighters end up on the pile.

I’ve long harboured a desire to use Kev Adam’s and Trish Morrison’s Horrors on the Blood Bowl pitch.  Some Quebecois chap put together a Slann team out of them (along with a Lord of Change) some years back, and with this being the internet I thought I’d slavishly copy him.

I have also home-brewed a roster, (which I’ll share in time) for a Daemons of Tzeentch team that I plan to run in a fun, unscheduled league against other people’s creations in a few months.  I feel like the roster is a bit similar to Underworld on the power curve, slightly more resilient than the Skaven/Rat combo but not nearly as bashy.

I actually have a huge swag of old Horrors in a box somewhere, these pinks are the cherry on the top.  Now, to the bath with you!

PinkHorrorsRawFront PinkHorrorsRawBack


Big Blue

So, its the weekend and we’re counting the days before our first child arrives – which happens to be a perfect time to pick up the brush and tackle the mountain of lead that are Chaos Pact big guys.  The Ogre got purchased (on the roster) ahead of the Troll or Minotaur simply because he’s more reliable, in theory at least.  In practice he has been a near constant liability on the pitch, falling over repeatedly and rolling Bonehead at the most inopportune of moments.  That’s part of the deal with this team though, and a regression to the mean in terms of dice may happen in the future.

I have to give the sculptor (Raffaele Stumpo) of the mini a nod, the lines are so clean on this big blue lug it is a joy to paint.   I don’t think I’m going to get quite as much contrast as I’d like with the skin but I’m happy with the result, besides my back is sore.




Pact In Progress, still

The finished Lewdgrip Whiparm, formerly a deviant of Slaanesh now a maker of plays for his new deity Tzeentch on the Faceless Men roster. Happy with most of it, except the positioning of the writing, that’s a bit off-centre.  I have to remind myself to take breaks after a long session to avoid rushing the end of miniature jobs which is what happened here.Image

Pact in progress

Here’s a quick snap of my in progress Chaos Pact side, The Faceless Men.  Never mind that a few of the side actually have faces (including the very Tommy Wiseau-like Dorjak Sureclaw) the name is a reference to a fairly sordid episode in Australian politics that is thematic for this team’s patron power, Tzeentch.

The side is a 70/30 mix of 2nd Ed Citadel figures and Gaspez Arts (GA) Chaos Pact.  The GA stuff is slightly less cartoony and much more buff, but I think they’ll fit in OK.  The Ogre is gigantic, twice the size of a 2nd Ed GW Morg  which I’m fine with, because such a big model has a psychological effect on some coaches.

Goreblade sees no evil

The happy ending to a week on the brutal human hamster wheel that is working for a multi-national consulting corporation is a finished mini that I’m happy with, the sixth of my Chaos Pact team.  The back photo is a bit blunt, but that’s an iPhone for you.

Lets hope it sees some better returns on the pitch (dead next game for sure) because he’s played like you’d expect a guy with a big white knob on his head to so far.


Galmen Goreblade, now with religious conversion

Worshipping Khorne didn’t get this guy very far.  I picked him up fairly cheaply in a time when he seemed fairly hard to find, as you can see his condition is very poor.  No base flange, clagged with paint and a broken leg which I inflicted as soon as I took him from the jiffy bag.  Not a good start! I was also worried he might be a re-cast since the detail on him was very poor.

Those fears were unfounded as the paint sloughed off him, and I pinned and puttied his leg back on.  There’s about 9 months between the first and last picture, I’ve just started painting him for my Chaos Pact side, still a work in progress – but I’ve always thought he suited Tzeentch better than Khorne due to the featureless helm he wears.