Zombie 2: OMG my hand is bigger than my head!



Here’s zombie number 2 (heh), which is the rare combination of being sculpted by Gary Morley and not being total shit.  His left hand is way beyond even “heroic” proportions and that shoulder spike is positively phallic,  but overall he’s got some nice detail and assymetrical going on.  

One of the reasons progress on these guys has been so slow is that its really hard to make the colour scheme work.  The majority of the uniform is dirty white which doesn’t contrast enough with the dead flesh and the red & blue are both fairly dark.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the result- washing dried blood around his eyes and bandaged hand was pretty fun, I feel like I’m starting to get a handle on the walking dead.  What I won’t show are the two abortions that will shortly be getting a bath!


Every journey begins with a step, this one from a stanky, maggot-infested foot.

Here’s the inauspicious pleb that is the first step to painted necromantic glory.  He came in a trade from Axiom on TFF, and this is his ‘before’ shot. I don’t know who sculpted him (Aly Morrison?) but he’s from 1987.  Braaaaaaaiiiiinsss!