The Godsworn Hunt


My third warband, the barbarians of the Godsworn Hunt.  I really wanted a Frank Frazetta flavour for these guys, a lot of natural tones with just red as an accent colour.

The skin tone was airbrushed first, I took inspiration from this iconic image of Grace Jones and 70’s sci-fi art (the best era).



With the bases I have attempted to match the flora and fauna (see Ollo and Grundann) of the Australian outback.

Grawl was styled loosely on a Dingo, with some Tasmanian Tiger stripes.

All in all I had a blast painting these minis, the detail and poses are fantastic.  Each figure has their own personality that matches their role in the game.  Ollo the archer is probably my favourite if I had to pick one.

Here’s the recipe:

Airbrush Steps for the Skin

Black and Rhinox Hide
Rhinox Hide
Daemonette Hide
Daemonette Hide and Ghost Grey

50/50 Agrax and Druchii Violet

Daemonette Hide and Ghost Grey

Agrax Earthshade
Heavy Metal

Mournfang Brown
Agrax Earthshade
Skrag Brown and White

Yellow weapon features
Filthy Brown
Reikland Fleshshade
Filthy Brown
Flash Gitz Yellow

Red cloth
Flat Red or Khorne Red (cape)
Reikland Fleshshade
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Evil Sunz Scarlet and Rojo Amaranth

Clay tablets
Red, Mournfang, Filthy Brown
Agrax Earthshade

Theddra’s Dress
Kislev Flesh
Reikland Fleshshade
Kislev Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh

Administratum Grey
Agrax Earthshade
Administratum Grey
Ghost Grey

Hide Loincloths
Old GW Bleached Bone and Filthy Brown
Seraphim Sepia
Bleached Bone and White

Theddra’s Hair
Incubi Darkness
Temple Guard Blue

Base (Desert Sand)
Skrag Brown and Rojo Amaranth
Reikland Fleshshade
Skrag Brown and Rojo Amaranth dry brush
Sponge Filthy Brown

Dark Wood
Stormvermin Fur
Agrax Earthshade
Administratum Grey

Light Wood
Bleached Bone
Agrax Earthshade
Pallid Wych Flesh

Base Rim
Rhinox Hide


Steelheart’s Champions


I’ve been painting, I’ve not been blogging. I get a lot of value out of going through old posts so I’ll try harder.  I’ve also been getting into Warhammer Underworlds lately.  I’m hoping it will be the fusion of all the things I like about CCGs and all the things I like about tabletop minis games.  Even if it isn’t, I still get to paint amazing miniatures and then take photos of them.

As I careen towards middle age, I’ve found that my memory for old paint recipes is actually very poor, so I’m documenting the process in a semi tabular form here (WordPress removed all my tabs and I can’t be bothered putting them back).

GW Corax White Spray
Airbrush Steps
Basecoat VMC Panzer Ace Flat Earth
Layer GW Temple Guard Blue
Layer VMC Silver Grey
Brush Steps
Recess line GW Seraphim Sepia thinned to 80%
Drybrush VMC Silver Grey
Edge VMC White
Basecoat GW Warplock Bronze
Wash GW Nuln Oil
Drybrush Balthasar Gold
Recess wash GW Nilahkh Oxide thinned 50%
Drybrush/Detailing GW Skullcrusher Brass
Teal Cloth/Leather
Basecoat GW Incubi Darkness
Layer 50/50 GW Incubi Darkness and GW Temple Guard Blue
Edge GW Temple Guard Blue
Wash GW Nuln Oil (only on leather areas)
Black recesses/Plumage
Basecoat VGC Black
Edge GW Mechanicus Standard Grey
Edge GW Celestra Grey
Parchment Banner
Basecoat GW Rakarth Flesh
Wash GW Agrax Earthshade
Layer GW Rakarth Flesh
Edge GW Pallid Wych Flesh
Edge VMC White
Steelheart’s Blade
Scale75 50/50 Emerald Alchemy and Cobalt Alchemy
Wash GW Coelia Greenshade 80% thinned
Edge Scale75 Speed Metal
Steelheart’s Skin
Basecoat GW Rhinox Hide
Layer VGC Dark Flesh
Wash GW Druchii Violet
Edge GW Bugman’s Glow
Steelheart’s Necklace
Basecoat GW Skullcrusher Brass
Wash GW Seraphim Sepia
Brush Steps
Basecoat GW Mechanicus Standard Grey
Wash 50/50 GW Nuln Oil and GW Drakenhof Nightshade
Wash GW Agrax Earthshade
Drybrush GW Mechanicus Standard Grey
Drybrush GW Russ Grey
Drybrush VMC Silver Grey
Basecoat GW Rhinox Hide
Drybrush VMC Silver Grey
Wash GW Agrax Earthsade
Orange Leaves
Basecoat 50/50 VMC Amaranth Red and GW Mournfang Brown
Edge VMC Amaranth Red
Yellow Leaves
Basecoat VGC Filthy Brown
Edge GW Flash Gitz Yellow
Basecoat GW Rhinox Hide
Layer GW Rakarth Flesh
Edge GW Pallid Wych Flesh


I’ll admit that it has been a long time since I read Michael Moorcock’s collection of novels. Prior to that, a friend of mine gave him a backhanded compliment to his writing by saying he was ‘a good ideas man’.

It is probably thanks to this golden age of television that we are being treated to currently that our standards for storytelling and characterisation in visual media have been raised.

Moorcock’s novels are written from the perspective of the Eternal Champion, Elric in this case.  I can’t fault him too much, since there are many themes that were being explored in the sixties and seventies in his work – finding time for meaningful players outside of the central figure wasn’t really a factor.

As such, we aren’t given much material for the Melnibonean who is really the great nemesis in Elric’s life.  He is the archetypal cardboard cutout villain, almost evil for the sake of being evil, stooping at nothing to achieve his nefarious goals.

Yyrkoon’s treatment doesn’t really stack up to me.  He’s supposed to be an accomplished sorcerer, a powerful mind.  Yet despite being resourceful enough to find the Mournblade, twin weapon to Elric’s Stormbringer it seems as if his sanity has been consumed when the two cousins meet, probably by the Mournblade.  Yyrkoon should represent the establishment, Old Melnibone, but he cuts a pitiable, desperate figure, we deserved better.

I won’t say much on the roles of women in these novels, but Cymoril being at best a pawn and a plot device at worst is probably about par for the course for the times.

Anyway, on to the mini. Our villain is from the EC05 range from 1987(?) Which I think came in blister packs.  I’ve always really liked the figure, the whole range captures the spirit of the books for me.  Jes Goodwin stamped out many figures similar to Yyrkoon, look no further than the Wood Elf range for Warhammer for some examples.  Nevertheless, he’s got a unique enough flavour.

I have no desire to paint in the style of the era but I did put a little ‘blanchitsu’ on the tops of his boots, although the camera is doing its best to hide it.


Skin: Rakarth Flesh/Fleshshade/Pallid Wych Flesh skin

Armour: Abaddon Black/VGC Jade Green/VGC Jade Green + White

Fur tunic: Space Wolf Grey (yes!)/Drakenhof Nightshade/White



Strangely enough I found the original eBay image on my work laptop. I must have purchased him fairly early on in 2012, just as the Oldhammer thing was taking off, before demand sent prices for old lead skyrocketing.  The original paint job was faithful to the character, I wonder if they were a book reader.


A team photo, in three parts

I’ve unearthed my Foldio a portable light box, something that I kickstarted some years back before it was subsumed a tide of baby paraphernalia.  Amazingly the magnets that hold it in shape hadn’t lost power so it didn’t immediately collapse as I removed it from its dusty sleeve.

Smartphones have become better, but my photography hasn’t, although this grey backing sheet does tend to give a good result.  Since I’ve been augmenting my Chaos Pact team lately I had barely any excuses to try for a team photo, albeit in thirds.


Odd little jobs

With the advent of BB2016 my beloved Chaos Pact have been blessed with a new addition to the roster.  He’s a racist (Animosity in Blood Bowl parlance) Orc Lineman.  The jury is out on how much utility he adds to the roster but he certainly has a role in my squad.punchingbag

He’s cheap and AV9, go straight to the line of scrimmage!  He saves me from having to put an AV8 marauder or the Minotaur in harms way from the get-go.

One of my favourite aspects of the Pact roster is seeing how the different renegades fill roles that are markedly different from their respective native sides.  Skaven lineman are notorious for being little more than fodder, yet my plucky chap is a handy defensive sweeper with an eye for the end zone.  Everyone knows Dark Elf linemen are good, on the Pact roster they’re stars, and Goblins – well they’re Goblins.

So we’ll see with the Orc.  He’s not likely to see too much of the ball, but if he can find his feet (literally?) that AV9 might give him the time to develop into a nice player.